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  1. impressive

    Hey man!

    Thank you for your patience, I finally took some time to listen to all my mixes today and wanted to give you some notes as promised! Here they are, mostly in the order I heard them:

    -Overall tone at the beginning (acoustic/electric guitars only) is quite unified, nice lows.
    -Cello comes in with presence, which was not the case in many of the mixes I got; well done.
    -Vocals also come in cleanly, crisp and warm – a lot of mixes had a huge amount of hiss I could heard, so well done on not exacerbating that issue (which comes from my recordings really)
    -The cello remains present through-out until drums come in, again very nice that it’s not hidden.
    -Drums come in very nicely, the bass line rolls nicely as well
    -Acoustic OD track has a bit of an issue during post-verse and chorus
    -The piano lacks a little bit of presence at times, does not come in as strongly as I’d like with the drums, but the important passages are usually well heard.
    -The electric guitar remains very present across the duration of the song, which was again not always the case in other mixes, the instrumental part sounds quite good thanks to that, that repetitive motive was often lost behind other tracks with other mixes – here it remains sharp and present.

    Overall, the more I listen, the more I have to admit your mix is one of the most consistent, clean and pleasing I have received! And this is compared to people to whom I had to pay up to $45 (for mediocre results mind you) – I feel like you understood the song better than most, and considering this is a no-revision take, it’s very impressive.

    I really appreciate your work here!


  2. Bin jetzt Stammkunde

    Hab es mir angehört! Sehr starke Leistung Micha, mal wieder
    Habe diesmal nichts auszusetzen! Gefällt mir sehr gut. danke vielmals! Bin jetzt Stammkunde, kannst du wissen


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